Clark Creative Solutions is seeking personnel for the following positions

IT Program Manager  duties include but are not limited to: analyze computer and data requirements to deliver operational and long term strategic objectives to automate the management of telephony and data usage. Establish and implement a streamlined process to provide cost and time efficiencies to the Sponsor. Ensure data integrity, security and control. Prepare and brief project status within various business and project review forums. Develop standards, establish priorities and develop process workflows to accomplish accurate and timely analysis of monthly telephony and data usage charges. Ensure all tasks are completed in accordance with critical deadlines Interact with external vendors to resolve telephony and data usage anomalies. Monitor and maintain accurate records of monthly fluctuations within vendor and customer accounts Interact with mission partners to keep apprised of advances in technology. Develop and execute communication and transition plans for new wireless service offerings. Establish and leverage strong working relationships with vendors, customers, as well as other Sponsor service providers. Establish solid and effective lines of communication with the Customer Service Centers to monitor timely and accurate completion of requests to modify wireless services Identify, investigate, and elevate issues with potential impacts to the vendor, customer and/or service provider relations. Establish and leverage strong working relationships with customers, as well as other Sponsor service providers. Coordinate, plan and execute IT Expos and Showcases with internal and external Sponsor service partners. Respond to customer inquiries on IT products and services, inventory and billing through meetings, telephone, databases, or e-mail. Provide proactive quality service to internal service areas within the organization Interact with customers, to include customer briefings on new IT products and services via the Sponsor Roadshows Operate effectively in a team environment.

Program Manager to oversee and coordinate operations and development team activities, apply engineering and project management best practices to customer projects, and serve as a technical interface between the customer and the customers engineering support group. The Program Manager will maintain and advance As Is system configuration documentation for customer systems, including network connections, internal connections, hardware configurations, operating systems, virtual machine configurations, AWS services, proxy services, security configuration, and operations and maintenance processes and procedures. The Program Manager will either be conversant already or rapidly become expert with the customers engineering group future systems architecture, and will examine and compare the As Is configurations of customer systems to current and future engineering group architectures and make recommendations to keep customer systems in line with current and future system engineering standards. The Program Manager will lead the implementation of software engineering best practices and identify needed improvements, and lead and coach operations and development teams in translating business needs into technical designs. The Program Manager will identify technical improvement opportunities in current software programs to optimize operational performance and efficiency for internal and external customers. The Program Manager will be responsible for reporting violations of the customer's policies and procedures, Standards of Conduct, governance program, laws and regulations through designated customer representatives, and will assist with internal control failure remediation efforts. The Program Manager will ensure concerns with internal control design or performance and process changes that impact internal control execution are communicated to the customer. The Program Manager will conduct research to solve practical engineering problems in-depth and improve or develop new methods/approaches to product application, problems, and solutions to ensure quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness; in accordance with customer policies and procedures. The Program Manager will develop manuals, standards, and methods for the department to include functional descriptions, sequence of operations, schematics, drawings, logic diagrams, supporting information on components, spare parts recommendations and installation instructions. Additionally, the Program Manager will estimate development effort for project scope, troubleshoot and resolve functional- and performance related issues, and analyze reported defects, replicate, and recommend fixes for the defects. The Program Manager will also help the operations and development teams maximize agility and productivity, and serve as mentor for junior developers in the hard and soft skills required for success. The customer will require monthly activity reports from the Program Manager.

Program Analyst Level IV with proven critical military tactical judgment skills developed from active and continuous interface and partnerships with product management and senior leadership.  Must possess an extensive knowledge and expertise in the support of Joint Forces acquisitions programs across multiple COCOMs (e.g., Common Analytical Laboratory Systems (ALS), COTS life cycle management programs for WMD, Special Purpose Units and WMD Civil Support Teams, WMD-Elimination and Unified Command Suite (UCS), multiple JUONS and ONS missions (i.e., Rapid Reaction Tunnel Detection (R2TD), DCRF, and Command and Control CBRN Response Element B, etc.).

Program Analyst Level III to assist in the research and development of product-specific procedures, shelf life, stability, performance test plans, usage projections, requirements, and market research.  Provide on-going acquisition, contract, and business financial management support.  The Analyst will also act as a liaison between customer, commodity managers, and MCS Finance (matrix) to coordinate customer MIPR and/or online ordering issues.