Programmer to support content management of the customers NoSQL databases and large document collections. The Programmer must already possess experience with MarkLogic Server or receive customer-sponsored training on MarkLogic database management, programming, and administration. The Programmer selected as content manager will oversee the data handling from delivery by collectors through tagging and delivery to enterprise services and will execute existing or improved XQuery and Python scripts, invoke XSL transformations. The Programmer will focus on extract, transform, and load (ETL) activities in support of two primary, high-volume data flows and work toward the greater automation and streamlining. The primary database and applications are slated for cloud migration, so the Programmer must be familiar with AWS cloud architecture and comfortable programming for that environment. While projects, priorities, and workload will be established by the customer, the Programmer is expected to take initiative and provide innovative solutions to technical problems to the customer on an interactive basis. The Programmer should be knowledgeable of NoSQL databases as well as the range of XML technologies, XML, XSL and XQuery. The Programmer should also be knowledgeable of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures to assist with the conditioning of data in order to maintain data integrity (detect missing time-series data, detect and correct malformed XML, correct Unicode errors). The Programmer will participate as a team member with other customer employees and contractors, and will support configuration management and other programmatic activities (updates to procedures, logging of activities, and use of software configuration control software) as required. The customer environment is fast-paced and the Programmer will be expected to support multiple projects and analytical efforts. The customer will require monthly activity reports from the Programmer.


CONUS Travel: N
OCONUS Travel: N
Regular Hours Per Year: 1860.0
Extra Hours Per Year: 0.0
Schedule Comments: This position may require occasional additional hours, holiday work, or weekend work. This will be dependent on Customer requirements. Core business hours are 0900-1500 Monday-Friday, however, the Customer will support flex-time and/or other alternate hours, if requested.
Night Work: Y
Local Travel Using a POV: N
Pager Duty: N
Pager Duty Comments:
Work on Holidays: Y
Work on Weekends: Y
Shift Work: N
WarZone: N
Unpublished Skills: Y