Program Analyst Level III to assist in the research and development of product-specific procedures, shelf life, stability, performance test plans, usage projections, requirements, and market research.  Provide on-going acquisition, contract, and business financial management support.  The Analyst will also act as a liaison between customer, commodity managers, and MCS Finance (matrix) to coordinate customer MIPR and/or online ordering issues. 


Location: Fort Detrick

CONUS Travel: N

OCONUS Travel: N

Night Work: N

Local Travel Using a POV: N

Pager Duty: N

Pager Duty Comments:

Work on Holidays: N

Work on Weekends: N

Shift Work: N

Warzone: N


Unpublished Skills: Yes

Full Time

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure currency  catalog to include accuracy of information and product pricing. 
  • Prepare, review, and collate the monthly customer finance reports and then submit the reports to the associated agencies. 
  • Coordinate (to include preparing and staffing agendas), participate in, and document (i.e., meeting minutes) project meetings.
  •  Assist graphic artists and subcontractors to create and coordinate displays, exhibits, posters, and other display materials.
  • Prepare, maintain, set up, and dismantle displays, which may include coordinating subcontractor assistance for additional support. 
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of program documentation (e.g., contract documents), to include customer monthly financial reports (e.g., execution, financial status, account summary/balance, etc.) and interagency agreement tracking. 
  • Assist with budget/planning (i.e., R&P form preparation, spend plan preparation, price model development and validation, and UFR preparation). 
  • Prepare briefings, decision documentation, and program information to support internal and external communications/marketing. 
  • Interface with the customer base, manufacturers, and storage facilities to understand product requirements and prepare, process, and track customer orders to ensure timely product delivery. 
  • Assist in the planning, budgeting, and managing of projects in accordance with the DoD acquisition process, applicable regulations, and best business practices. 
  • Assist in the review and preparation of acquisition documentation, technical reports, product procurement contracts, and program documentation.