Our Services are Second to None

Cyber Security

Our core encryption technology is based on a 32-lines of code solution that encapsulates the mathematically-proven highly encrypted reality of One-Time Pad Algorithm.

Information Technology

Clark Creative Solutions LLC (CCS) was formed to maximize results in today's market – setting ourselves apart from our competition. In the Federal Government and Defense industries, we transform our customer's ability to tackle and overcome their toughest challenges in the digital realm.

Intelligence Support Services

Intelligence services support provides customers across the Intelligence Community (IC), and Department of Defense (DoD) with all-source analyses, counterintelligence professionals, language, security services, and human intelligence to effectively inform leaders and seize the operational advantage.


Professional Services

We provide executive administrative assistants proficient in developing, editing, and maintaining technical budgets, marketing materials, daily correspondence, and management support documentation.


Program Management

We assist government clients in improving acquisition outcomes, reduce costs, and deliver critical goods and services required for National Security.


Training and Operations Support

Our foundation was formed with service to our country . We bring the experience learned during that time of service to our customers so that we may offer solutions that can only be gained from experience.