CCS’ core encryption technology is based on a 32-lines of code solution that encapsulates the mathematically-proven highly encrypted reality of One-Time Pad Algorithm.  

CCS’s core encryption technology provide secure real-time communications including video, our technology is kernel-based.  Our technology allows for end-to-end encryption within pre-existing applications and systems (e.g., mobile phones, email systems, Windows, etc.).  There is  no need for third party or “off-site” custom applications.  All is done within what already exists as industry standard data communications and storage.

The CCS encryption solution provides:

  • A true encryption solution based on the One-Time Pad Algorithm. 
  • Robust encryption with virtually-zero overhead. 
  • A kernel-based technology that can be incorporated into existing applications and systems allowing us to pass cost savings to the customers. 
  • Encryption allows for total information encryption. 
  • Technology is a NIST FIPS Tested and Approved. 
  • Protects some or all file information (Redacted Capability). 
  • Protects all forms of digital information to include data-at-rest, shared data, and transmitted data security at TOP-SECRET LEVEL (DoD Certified).